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AnxietyThe role of vit D3 in mental health

The role of vit D3 in mental health

Vit D3 is a neurosteroid which means that it is essential in regulating the genes responsible for brain function. Much is known about the benefits of D3 for bone health but low levels of vit D3 is important for more than just that. This sunshine vitamin is literally related to our moods just like the sun is. There is a reason you are called sunshine when happy – its related to you having ample amounts of vit d3 in your blood (bec vit d3 is absorbed by the skin through the sun’s rays). There are several studies that show that low levels of vit d3 can be related to depression and it makes perfect sense because as humans we were meant to be out in the sun but the whole era of staying indoors has caused an epidemic of less sun = low vit d3 = low energy in the bones and hence in the body = no will to live fully.

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