India’s first Mental Health Wellness Brand.

Our Story & Purpose

We are India’s first Mental Health Wellness Brand.

We are a team of mental health therapists, doctors and herbalists that strongly believe in the Mind-Body connection.

We have created products by combining Adaptogens and Herbs from Ayurveda & Western Herbal Medicine, Vitamins & Minerals and Aromatherapy that boost the body’s healing ability to return to a state of Balance or Homeostasis naturally, so that one can feel calm, clear and energetic mentally and physically.

As a company, we care about your wellbeing and want to hold your hand as you embark on your wellness journey. Hence along with our SUPER CALM range of products, we also provide you with resources like affirmations, meditations and other tips and tools that will help you to strengthen your mind body connection so that you can be the “Super You” you were born to be.

Our products are natural, safe and effective with high quality and high energy ingredients from around the world, proudly Made in India.

Founder's Story - Ruchi Khanna

I have been a Mental Health Therapist for over a decade and am passionate about all aspects of wellness – Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual.

My personal journey into wellness started at the age of 28 when being a new mother and business owner was becoming overwhelming. The stress caused me great anxiety and IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) that allopathic medicine made worse and I was struggling. That’s when I decided to take matters in my own hands and investigate. I learnt that wellbeing depends primarily on two things 1. Emotional wellbeing and 2. Nutritional wellbeing and when both are taken care of, good health is a given.

The body is designed to be in a state of homeostasis or optimal health, which is maintained by a balanced state of mind and good nutrition. Unfortunately, in our modern life scenario, the fast pace of life has striped our food of prana and our mind of peace and so we must make an informed decision to bring ourselves back to good health through mindfulness, inner work and the right supplementation to upgrade our mind- body mechanism.

Through Super Me Naturals, it is my desire to see everyone benefit from what I know to be powerful protocols for mental wellness and optimal health so that you can become your “Super Self” and live your highest reality.

With love,

Ruchi Khanna.

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Doctor Recommended
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Dr Gaurav Kulkarni
A Consultant Psychiatrist, MD since 2014.
Panel doctor for i-Call (mental health for LGBTQ community). He is associated with NGO’s like Khula Asman for rehabilitation and mental wellness projects for prisoners. Collaborated with Rotary Club for creating awareness on mental health issues. Also worked and helped patients at de-addiction facilities.

Super Me Naturals - Dr Namrata

Dr Namrata Rai
A qualified Homeopathic practitioner since 16 years.
She’s an expert of Bach Flower Remedies. She’s passionate about fragrance and has successfully used her expertise in Aromatherapy & Bach Flower for healing her patients. She has worked as a counselor and has supported addicts through their rehabilitation by using aromatherapy for Emotional and Mental Well being.

Our Team
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