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AnxietyThe need for supplements in the modern-day

Why supplementation is absolutely essential for urban living.

We don’t live the simple village life anymore where food was medicine and eaten straight from farm to table. In the modern world, the supply chain creates the need for chemicals to maintain longevity and freshness. Some seeds and grains are also genetically modified to enhance durability but all these processes are not harmonious to the natural functioning of the human body and cause stress in elimination. The toxic buildup from these processes along with urban environmental stress can create disease in the body because the body may not be able to catch up with the elimination process. So, the right supplementation becomes essential to aid the body in maintaining its strength and ability to keep its processes top-notch no matter the chemical and other stressors. Most supplements boost the body’s natural ability to regulate, detoxify and heal and a few also amp up the detoxification process. The cleaner our body is, the better it can function in any environment.

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