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NaturalAshwagandhaAshwagandha- A Super Herb for Holistic Wellness

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One of the most beneficial herbs from ancient Indian medicine, Ashwagandha has been used extensively in Ayurveda for its natural healing properties. Scientifically named Withania somnifera, Ashwagandha is commonly also known as “Indian Ginseng”: or “Winter Cherry”. It belongs to the class of plant adaptogens that regulate physiological processes and help the body adapt to stress. While it is known that the herb has several medicinal properties for physical health, research also indicates that Ashwagandha has great benefits for cognitive and mental health. 

What makes Ashwagandha a Super Herb?

Ashwagandha, like many other herbs, has anti-inflammatory properties. The herb contains a large number of phytochemicals that enable our bodies to fight infection and promote good health. Ashwagandha also holds a significant place in the Ayurvedic Rasayana herbs that are known to rejuvenate the nervous system and boost immunity. Its roots, leaves, and seeds are most commonly used in ancient as well as modern herbal medicine.

The benefits of Ashwagandha

  1. Relieves stress and anxiety– Various studies indicate that Ashwagandha is extremely beneficial for relieving anxiety and stress. It balances the HPA axis and mediates the level of cortisol in the brain, thus greatly reducing stress levels in the body and promoting relaxation and improved clarity. In fact, some research also proves that regular consumption of the herb can prevent chronic mental illnesses and neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s disease. 
  1. Improves cognitive function and focus- Apart from its stress-relieving properties, this adaptogen also improves brain health, improves cognitive ability, enhances memory, increases focus, and attention span. Studies also suggest that it improves sleep quality and duration due to its relaxing properties. 
  1. Boosts immunity- In ancient times, Ashwagandha was widely used by sages and herbal practitioners to fight infections, reduce fever and treat chronic diseases. It contains anti-inflammatory properties that prevent infection, boost the immune system, and promote overall mental and physical wellbeing.

Additionally, this therapeutic herb also helps with depression, improves athletic performance, lowers blood sugar levels, and is beneficial to many other systems in the human body. 

The magical medicinal herb- Ashwagandha is one of the key ingredients of Focus – Natural Dietary Supplements that help you kickstart your mornings with focus, increased energy, and a sense of clarity. 

Focus- Natural Dietary Supplements

  • 100% natural 
  • Improves clarity and enhances memory 
  • With Ashwagandha, Brahmi, Omega 3 (flaxseed oil), & Vitamin D 
  • Boosts immunity and brain health

Have your focus pills every morning with a balanced, nutritious breakfast, and give your days a fresh, stress-free, energetic start. 

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