Energizing Meditation for Wellness and Healing

Energizing Meditation for Wellness and Healing

21 days to wellness. We recommend you do this meditation for 21 days to create better health and wellness in your body. It takes 21 days for new neuropathways to develop in your brain so that you can start thinking differently. So, doing this meditation practice daily for 21 days (or more) will change the patterns in your brain and allow your body to feel more nourished and respond to healing better.

Thank you for valuing yourself enough and taking the time to do this energizing meditation. And now, for these precious moments that we spend together, I want you to just let go and relax… You can choose to lie down or sit upright. However, make sure your spine is erect. Your spine has nerve endings that allow the smooth flow of energy though your body and an erect spine is a good conductor of energy. Once you are comfortable, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. In through your nose and out through your mouth. With every breath relax a little bit more and breathe in peace, calm and love. Breathe out all stress and tension. Wonderful, you are safe. You are protected. You are loved.

Now, focus your attention at the base of your spine where your tailbone ends and imagine roots, strong roots growing from the base of your spine, moving deep down into Mother Earth. Connect with Mother Earth through your roots like a tree connecting with rich fertile soil. Breathe. Such a beautiful process it is – connecting with Mother Earth. We are all her children, growing, thriving in her lap. Feel this nurturing. Feel the loving protection of Mother Earth as you connect with her. Everything you need she can provide… this beautiful powerful mother.

So, allow your roots now to collect warm nourishing energy from the Earth and this powerful energy filled with all the nutrients that your body may need, is going to enter your body through your roots. Feel this warm, tingling energy entering your body through the base of your spine, flowing into your hips and your pelvis, nourishing the cells and organs in your pelvis… your sexual and reproductive organs are nourished.

Slowly the energy moves up into your stomach, nourishing all the organs in your belly… your intestines, large and small, your spleen, liver, kidneys, stomach and all the other organs nourished by this warm, nutrient filled energy from Mother Earth. Gently this energy rises up and fills your chest… your lungs and heart are filled with health, vitality and nourishment. Breathe. Take a deep breath and feel this nourishment… allow it to flow into your blood stream with every breath. Every nerve, every cell, every bone, every muscle, every organ filled with nourishment and vitality.

Slowly the warm tingling healing energy moves higher into your neck, face and head… nourishing your eyes, ears, mouth and brain with vital life force healing energy from Mother Earth. And now, your entire physical body is filled with this warm, vital life force energy from Mother Earth and your body feels nourished, strong, energized and revitalized. The healing process has begun and any area of your body that needs healing is being healed now. This life force energy is an intelligent energy and knows where to go… let us give few minutes to heal and revitalize any area of your body that may need the extra healing. Just stay connected to your body and breathe as this process happens.

Wonderful. With a lot of gratitude let us thank Mother Earth for this nourishment and Healing. We love you dear mother, we honor you and choose to be in harmony with you. Now let us honor our bodies… this body is a beautiful divine temple… let us give gratitude to our body for accepting this nourishment and healing and let us affirm. I am strong, I am healthy, I am safe and protected. I allow myself to heal and grow with ease and joy.

Take a deep breath and assimilate these powerful affirmations. With a gentle smile on your face and gratitude in your heart, you can open your eyes whenever you feel ready.

Thank you.

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