Calming Meditation for Anxiety Relief

Calming Meditation for Anxiety Relief

Breathe. You are safe. Breathe. You are protected. Breathe. The universe has your back. Breathe. Even if none of this feels true right now, know that it IS true, so just breathe. I am with you right now… breathe. Excellent you are doing well… breathe. Everything is going to be ok. Just breathe. You are safe. Breathe. You are protected. Breathe. The universe has your back. Breathe. Let the universe take care of you… just breathe. I am proud of you because you are doing your best and that’s enough so just breathe. Good.

Now as you settle imagine yourself in a garden… a beautiful, green garden. Let your mind create this beautiful garden with flowers and birds and trees and a little pond with fish. The weather is just perfect. There are a few clouds in the sky and the sun is mild and the breeze is cool. It is just so comfortable here. You can feel the gentle cool breeze on your skin and it feels so good. Look at the flowers… are your flowers colorful? Can you hear the birds chirping? This is your beautiful garden your peaceful, safe place. You feel safe, soothed and protected here. Breathe in the fresh air and allow it to relax your body and your mind. Take in a few deep breaths of this fresh garden air and relax.

As you do this, you notice a beautiful butterfly in front of you, this butterfly reminds you of a happy memory from your life. Allow this butterfly to open up that happy memory as it flaps its wings and just view this happy memory from your life… it could be anything, even something small like you enjoying a delicious ice cream that you love. Enjoy this memory and allow it to bring a smile to your face. Life is so much more about the little things… a delicious meal, a laugh with friends, a hug from someone you love, a funny show on TV or a video that sends you in splits of laughter. Everyday can be filled with moments, small moments that are happy and loving and fulfilling. Let us be open to these moments because it is these small moments that makes up life. Keep smiling as you think of your happy moment and know that you are safe, you are protected, the universe has your back… so breathe.

I want you to know that you can return to this happy moment at any time. Remember that joy exists in the small things, in moments. You are safe, you are protected, and the universe has your back. Breathe and open your eyes whenever you feel ready.

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